ACA Hip Hop is a competitive dance team based at UCLA, comprised of dancers who share a love for all styles of dance and performance. Founded in 1993, we are a family that values and encourages dedication, teamwork, and growth. With all the late nights spent rehearsing in parking lots, while balancing jobs, extracirriculars, and rigorous academics, our dancers achieve the discipline and work ethic that will make them influential leaders in the community. The skills we learn and the strong friendships we make contribute to how ACA has become a supportive network that transcends dance and generations. With this foundation, we hope to inspire and be inspired as we continue to strengthen our presence in the dance community.

Due to a growing demand and need to fundraise, we have decided to open an online store to sell our team gear. All profits will go towards making team fees more affordable for our dancers, so we can focus on pushing creative boundaries and creating for the community. Thank you for your support!

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